Gillian Carter

Gillian Carter is a brutal hardcore punk band signed to Skeletal Lightning. The Champaign, IL based label sports a broad range of acts who showcase original, experimental takes on genre convention. Gillian Carter is a prime example of the label's diversity; mashing together ambient instrumental elements alongside panic inducing breakdowns, gnarled screaming vocals and relentless pummeling rhythms. Check out the rad performance by Gillian Carter live at Audiotree.

1. Maddening Strife
2. Cloven Consciousness
3. Distant Blue Ambience
4. A Man Made Fear Keeping Me Here
5. Hoping That There's a God
6. Synthetic Lies
7. Visionless
8. This Rotting Vessel Appears
9. Lament
10. Remembering Her the Way She Was (Alive)

Band Members
Logan Rivera - Vocals and Guitar
Bobby Caruso - Bass
Jesse Lieurance - Drums

Orlando, FL

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