For our friends who live in countries where YouTube is blocked, watch the session on Vimeo.

Session Tracklist
1. Solunar
2. Our Last Night on Earth
3. Proving Grounds
4. Medusa
5. Allokinetic

Stolas are a chaotic quartet who combine harsh and clean vocals with fast-paced guitar shredding and tight rhythmic swings. They’re kinetic, powerful stage performers whose fusion of styles gives a nod to traditional Latin grooves. Stolas is a recent signee to Blue Swan Records, a new-ish label run by Dance Gavin Dance’s guitarist, Will Swan. They released the powerful record, “Allomaternal,” last year with the help of Will’s label and a dedicated fan base.

“Allomaternal” is in stark contrast to their debut, “Living Creatures”, as it is devoid of guests and features vocal contributions by both Jason Weiche and Carlo Marquez. It’s punishingly heavy, smart, and full of dynamic movements that relax in poignant, swirling instrumentals. Weiche’s harsh vocals have taken a turn for the grittier; with help from Jason Alan Butler, Weiche brought more definitive texture and gusto than prior releases. Check out Stolas on tour across the US and bring along your Pokemon card collection, just in case you run into the band.

Band Members
Sergio Medina – Guitar
Jason Weiche – Guitar and Vocals
Carlo Marquez – Drums and Vocals
Rj Reynolds – Bass

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