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WE ARE an artist discovery platform.

Since 2010, we've been dedicated to helping talented up-and-coming bands be seen and heard. We have an expansive catalog of over 800 live studio sessions from bands of all genres, in high-quality video and audio. An Audiotree session makes you feel like you're actually standing in the room with the band. It's never stale, never sterile, and we can guarantee you'll discover a new favorite band.

How AudiotreE SESSIONS work.

You bring your band to our studio, we record, shoot, edit, and upload, and two weeks later, your session is distributed across Youtube, iTunes, Spotify, and more, reaching hundreds of thousands of fans, in a high quality audio and video experience. And the best part: Audiotree splits the profit 50/50.

So you're not a band, fan, or label?
That's ok.

We love to work with creatives to make unique and compelling pieces.