Dumb Waiter

Dumb Waiter is a band who writes a jammy, melodic amalgam of math rock, jazz, metal, and punk. The band is comprised of four members who have varying levels of musical education, but have achieved a high level of technical proficiency on their respective instruments. Together they blend a love for heavily distorted tones, melodic complexity, volatile energy, and augmented chord shapes to create “Dumb Waiter”. Thumping blast beats and effected bass grooves lay the bottom layer over which spiraling guitar work and free-wheeling sax noises progress and thrive.

What makes Dumb Waiter unique is their obsession with song construction. Each member represents a different pole of musical upbringing, interests and style choices that meet in the middle to form refined chaos. The quartet feeds off their own differences by constantly challenging one another to play faster, more technically proficient, and yet more melodic. On stage, Dumb Waiter has a playful presence that’s palpable. They’re clearly good friends and close musical compatriots. Song titles like “Cheese Vader,” “Wet Brain Boy,” and “Yoga Bacon” highlight the band’s intrinsic duel between an odd, intellectual sense of humor and dedication to conscious songwriting. Their home base, Richmond, VA, has a thriving music scene where bands are encouraged to collaborate and tour together regardless of genre.

Dumb Waiter’s new record is called “Cancel Christmas” and it’s due out sometime in 2016. Watch them preview a few gnarly tracks from the upcoming release here on Audiotree Live.

Session Tracklist
1. Yoga Bacon
2. Greedy as Fuck
3. Cheese Vader
4. Black Mayonnaise
5. Wet Brain Boy

Richmond, Virginia

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For our friends who live in countries where YouTube is blocked, watch the session on Vimeo.