Glassing is an experimental post-metal band whose close relationship with This Will Destroy You has deeply influenced their gnarly tones, malleable song structures and relentlessly heavy sound. The black metal influenced trio signed to Brutal Panda for their sophomore full length "Spotted Horse": a gargantuan beast of a record full of atmospheric soundscapes, thumping percussion and exasperated vocal lines. Between the songs, Glassing spoke about their approach to each instrument, their working friendship with TWDY and DIY venues in Chicago. Check out the killer performance by Glassing live at the Audiotree studios.

1. When You Stare
2. Sleeper
3. Lobe
4. Way Out
5. A Good Death
6. Absolute Virtue

Band Members
Cory Brim - Guitar
Dustin Coffman - Bass
Jason Camacho - Drums