Titus Andronicus

Titus Andronicus is a hectic experimental punk rock band from NYC whose inimitable sound has been developing over the course of 6 albums and endless tours. 2019's brisk "An Obelisk" showcases the band's raw, rapid-fire sound over the course of its barely 40 minutes, reminding listeners that over a decade into their career, they're are always ready to upend expectations. Check out the rad performance by Titus Andronicus live at Audiotree.

1. Just Like a Ringing Bell
2. Troubleman Unlimited
3. Above the Bodega
4. (I Blame) Society
5. Fatal Flaw
6. Tumult Around The World

Band Members
Patrick Stickles - Vocals and Guitar
RJ Gordon - Bass and Vocals
Liam Betson - Guitar and Vocals
Chris Wilson - Drums

Brooklyn, NY

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