As Cities Burn

As Cities Burn is an experimental post-hardcore band who released their comeback album "Scream Through the Walls" on June 7, 2019 nearly 10 years after their last record. A serendipitous reunion brought back TJ Bonnette: ACB's original screaming vocalist and collaborative songwriter. The result is As Cities Burn's most forward thinking sound yet; combining the grit of initial releases with indie post-rock influences and serene, melodic choral structures. During the discussion portion the band revealed the themes of their newest album, reasons for re-uniting, and a new fervor for tour life. Check out the super rad performance by As Cities Burn live at Audiotree.

1. Into The Sea
2. Contact
3. Made Too Pretty
4. Hollowed Out
5. Maybe
6. Venture

Band Members
TJ Bonnette - Vocals
Cody Bonnette - Vocals and Guitar
Aaron Lunsford - Drums
Joel Parks - Bass and Vocals

Nashville, TN

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