Mylets is the rad-rock alter ego of guitarist Henry Kohen. Kohen spent his formative years in rural Indiana, deep in the basement with an electric guitar and a lot of time. He’s grown significantly since; moving to California in early 2013 to become Sargent House’s artist in residence. He’s toured incessantly across the US and Europe with labelmates TTNG, ASIWYFA, and Emma Ruth Rundle. As a live performer Kohen is downright magical. He moves like a worker bee; shifting between drum machine builds, vocal lines and taps on a monstrous pedalboard. Mylets is an impressive one man show, the kind that only comes around once in a while and deserves recognition for his choreography.

As his bandcamp bio reads, “Henry Kohen writes the music Henry Kohen plays the instruments Henry Kohen writes the words Henry Kohen sings the words Henry Kohen plays the songs live.” Watch the loop-guitar prodigy perform tracks from “Arizona” which releases on April 21st.

Session Tracklist
1. Seven Diamonds
2. Retcon
3. Arizona
4. Ampersand
5. Trembling Hands

Los Angeles, California

Band Members
Henry Kohen – Vocals, Drums, and Guitar

Visit the band’s website

For our friends who live in countries where YouTube is blocked, watch the session on Vimeo. 

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