Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks is a jangly garage quartet. Their un-tethered, noisy rock has broken out from a vibrant underground scene. They represent the fervor and energy of youth, but don’t want their age to be the focus. Vocals are split between both guitarists and bass, letting them deliver lyrics with diverse timbre. In this divergence lies strength; the switch is refreshing and powerful.

New release, Wild Onion, is a fuzzy, power-chord chug battle. It swings between teenage love songs and forceful punk anthems. The band works seamlessly as a team. Influenced by pitch-bending, wiggly front man Mac Demarco, Wild Onion shines in its riffing guitar interplay.

Session Tracklist
1. I Found a Way
2. Strawberry Smoothie
3. Telephone
4. Sloop Jay D
5. Stand in the Sand
6. Making Breakfast
7. Mirror of Time
8. Flavor

Band Members
Cadien Lake James – Vocals and guitar
Clay Frankel – Vocals and guitar
Jack Dolan – Vocals and Bass
Connor Brodner – Drums

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For our friends who live in countries where YouTube is blocked, watch the session on Vimeo.

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