Bonesetters are an indie garage rock quartet. They are the self-proclaimed pioneers of Neighbor rock. Their 60’s picnic harmonies and rambling guitar parts echo the turmoil and connectivity faced by those who share close quarters. The buzz generated by 2011’s “Savages” has remained within their home state of Indiana and steadily grown among neighboring markets. “Figure it Out” is the band’s newest and most cohesive release, showcasing the bounce in their surfy underdog style. Dan Snodgrass’ quivering vocals bring honesty to the interpersonal dialogue buried underneath the shining choruses. Watch them perform songs from the stellar sophomore effort.

Session Tracklist
1. Foundation
2. Golden Youth
3. Housefires
4. Lemon Juice
5. Day of the Dead
6. Hard to Exist

Band Members

Dan Snodgrass- Vocals and Guitar
Sam Shafer – Backup Vocals, Keys, and Guitar
Drew Malott – Bass and Backup Vocals
Cody Davis – Drums and Backup Vocals

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For our friends who live in countries where YouTube is blocked, watch the session on Vimeo.