Chrome Pony

Chrome Pony are a garage rock band. They have elements of psych, 60’s pop, and a lot of grungy fuzz.

Their official bio reads, “Call it fate, call it karma, call it supreme chance. Tyler and Kyle Davis are brothers born on the same date two years apart; and since they could build tree houses and race BMX in their Indiana hometown, the duo have been a spectral musical unit radiating energy and prolificacy.

This magic thread, strung between them since birth, allows them to unleash overwhelming volleys of sonic power and control them with spine-tingling precision. Embracing the hip-shake and the head-bang, picking and choosing from punk, psych, garage, world music and rock n’ roll, Tyler and Kyle have used the intervening years to add dimensions and secrets to their tunes. Years of triumphant two-piece rock had proven that they are well capable of astonishing fullness on their own, but there was more to be explored. Working with a rotating cast of Nashville’s best instrumentalists, the duo continue to take their songs to new depths of arrangement and dynamic, without a shred of pretense or hesitation.”

Session Tracklist
1. Burnout
2. Road Dope
3. Coppertop
4. Eugene
5. White Witch
6. Jimmy Tokin'
7. In Your Name
8. Ragged Child

Nashville, Tennessee

Band Members
Tyler Davis – Vocals and Guitar
Kyle Davis – Drums and Vocals
John Stout (Jota) – Bass
Ric Alessio – Rhodes and Vocals

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For our friends who live in countries where YouTube is blocked, watch the session on Vimeo.