Blackfoot Gypsies



Blackfoot Gypsies prefer the stylish sounds of the 60’s to current melodies. They dress the part with paisley kerchiefs, flowing open button-ups, and flared bell-bottoms. They let their hair grow long and cover the tops with captain’s hats and fedoras while sporting colorful embroidery on guitar straps and cases.

Blackfoot Gypsies began with Matthew Paige and Zack Murphy. As a two-piece, they released a self-titled record and 2012’s “On the Loose,” but recruited Nashville harmonica player Ollie Dogg and bass player Dylan Whitlow by 2015. Dogg adds powerful, wheeling harmonica parts to the swampy pop, while Whitlow bolsters lead singer Zack Murphy’s unique nasal vocal delivery with backup harmonies.

The band’s newest record, “Handle It,” was released by Plowboy Records in April of this year. It’s the Gypsies’ label debut, featuring fuzzed out, lo-fi production with the newly established quartet. The record itself premiers greasy blues rock thrown together with kinetic guitar work and a pounding rhythm section. “Handle It” is a hazy release from a young band with boundless stoned energy.

Session Tracklist
1. Gimme Some
2. Rock It Up
3. Pork Rind
4. Too Bad

Band Members
Zack Murphy – Drums
Matthew Paige – Guitar and Vocals
Dylan Whitlow – Bass and Background Vocals
Ollie Dogg – Harmonica

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