Sons of Bill

Sons of Bill’s harmonious southern rock is birthed out of the connection between brothers Abe, Sam, and James Wilson. They were born in a home guided by their musical father, William Wilson, from which their name was born. They didn’t grow up in the same environment as many musicians; absent of the foundational recorded influence that bands often have to surpass. Instead the brothers Wilson were shown original performances.

According to the band’s official bio, “There was no stereo in the Wilson household, but the home was filled with songs: Hymns, murder ballads, songs about love, songs about work, songs about death, all played with the passion of a southern gentleman who could never quite shake the cold light of professorial logic. ‘We didn’t grow up with our parents’ Beatles and Stones records,’ says Abe. ‘We didn’t really grow up with any records at all. We had to discover most rock and roll on our own. But we grew up with my dad singing, and felt at a young age how much it all meant to him. We learned that music wasn’t just pleasurable, it was important.’ So while the subject matter of Love and Logic may not stray too far from the tradition, it’s this sense of urgency, a heady theological quality, which gives it legs, and makes Sons of Bill stand out amongst their contemporaries.”

Watch the Sons of Bill perform their intellectual and contemplative take on Southern rock here on Audiotree Live.

Session Tracklist
1. Lost in the Cosmos (Song for Chris Bell)
2. Big Unknown
3. Arms of the Landslide
4. Higher than Mine
5. Brand New Paradigm

Charlottesville, Virginia

Band Members
James Wilson – Vocals and Guitar
Sam Wilson – Vocals and Guitar
Abe Wilson – Vocals, Organ, Piano, Banjo
Todd Wellons – Drums
Seth Green – Bass

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