David Wax Museum

For our friends who live in countries where YouTube is blocked, watch the session on Vimeo.

Session Tracklist
1. Guesthouse
2. Don't Lose Heart
3. Lose Touch with the World
4. Young Man

David Wax Museum were elevated to national fame after winning a contest for a spot at the Newport Folk Festival in 2010, and they went on to win a Boston Music Award for best Americana act the same year. Describing themselves as “Mexo-Americana,” they fuse two highly musical cultures that rarely interact. The band’s namesake is frontman and main songwriter, David Wax, who fell in love with Mexican Son music after many trips to the country while attending Deep Springs College and Harvard University. The band forms an original amalgamation by incorporating a communal lifestyle with authentic Appalachian folk and Son instrumentation like the quijada and jarana. Wax himself is the band’s storyteller, reciting particulars in a trebly speaking voice over the jangly, ever-mobile instrumentation. The rhythm section lays the foundational undertone to their dance-ready fusion, using a stand up bass to fill out the traditional instrument line-up. Suz Slezak adds sweet harmonies and steady keyboard sections, while guitarist Charles Rivera plays aggressively dripping, effected guitar lines.

The band released their fifth full-length, “Guesthouse,” this year. It focuses on the nature of life on the road through the lens of a couple with a small child. It premiers their well-known acoustic sound with synths, extra percussion, and their highest production value to date.

Watch them perform tracks from the new release here on Audiotree Live.

Band Members
David Wax – Acoustic guitar, Jarana and Vocals
Suz Slezak – Keyboard and Vocals
Chris Dammann – Basses
Charles Rivera – Electric Guitar
Danilo Henriquez – Drums and Vocals

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