Amasa Hines



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Session Tracklist
1. 7
2. Savior
3. White Water Black Girl
4. Coltrane

Amasa Hines is a rock band from Little Rock who blend afro-beat, psych rock, and blues. The five core members have been performing together for over 5 years, combining multiple side projects to form the eclectic, jammy group that is Amasa Hines. They often play with auxiliary members Walter Henderson and Stephen Colby, making for an even more potent live show.

The band’s debut, “All the World There Is,” was released in 2014. The nine-track LP is short, powerful, and concise. It captures the group’s inimitable live energy and showcases their instrumental prowess. Joshua Asante’s vocals are full of grit, but are also sensitive enough to convincingly sell the band’s more emotionally-weighted material.Long instrumental breaks carry the listener’s mind away to brace for the impact of locked-in grooves. Sweeping guitar, saxophone, and trumpet lines weave into each other over thumping percussion. “All the World There Is” is an expertly-crafted first release with an array of romantic rock ballads, soulful blues tunes, and rhythmic pandemonium.

Watch the uber-talented band perform here on Audiotree Live.

Band Members
Joshua Asante – Vocals, Guitar, and Keys
Judson Spillyards – Guitar and Vocals
Joshua Spillyards – Drums and Aux Percussion
Ryan Hitt – Bass and Keys
Norman Williamson – Saxophone and Keys
Walter Henderson – Trumpet

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