Joseph Messing And The Wise Men

Drawing inspiration from living in a city rich in blues and American roots music history, Joseph Messing and his band blend blues, folk, and rock to create dynamic music that is both powerful and unique. The original writing leans heavily on the strong musicianship of the band, contrasting the soaring guitar work of Antony Ablan and Dan Huber on bass with Messing’s solid vocals. Pulling it all together is Messing’s original songwriting, which focuses on storytelling, strong melodies, and driving rhythms solidified by Ken Thompson on drums. The Wise Men released their first full length album “The Waking Visions of Joseph” in July 2011 and are preparing for a tour through the Midwest and South in the fall.

Session Tracklist
1.  Rollin' & Tumblin'
2. Push Push Push
3. The Motor City Is Burning
4. Chasing Austin
5. Babe
6. Evil Won't Do
7. Elijah
8. Blakely Farm

Chicago, IL

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