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Session Tracklist
1. I'll Never Be the Man For You
2. Vitamins
3. Paper Crane
4. Some of My Friends

"Candice Martello, aka Hemming, is an acoustic singer-songwriter hailing from Philadelphia, PA. Her high-voltage vocals and folk-influenced songs have stood out from the crowd as a performer in the thriving Philadelphia music scene, having played the stage at well-known venues throughout the city. With a family deep rooted in music, It’s no wonder she has befriended every instrument she meets. Playing guitar at just 9 years old, and writing her first song at 13, her fascination with music took off very young. After graduating from Drexel University, Hemming continued developing her sound and influence as a solo performer to the backdrop of the artist community in West Philadelphia, and as a member of Omar, the two-piece punk band she formed with close friend Nick Fanelli.”

“Hemming’s rhythmic, folksy, room-splitting croon produces a haunting experience for her audience. With the honesty of her music, expressed through lyrics like ‘Do you think I’ll make you feel better?’ and ‘I’ll never be the man for you,’ Hemming occupies the space that most people reserve for their heart, whether they want her in there or not.” – Official biography

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Band Members
Candice Martello – Acoustic Guitar and Vocals

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