Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears

Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears have been a potent force in the blues/soul and rock world since 2008. Time and time again Joe Lewis and his fearsome band reinvent their lyrically conscious, rip-roaring sound to detail and challenge the status quo of life in the United States.

Session Tracklist
1. Some Conversations You Just Don't Need to Have
2. She Came Onto Me
3. Suit or Soul?
4. No Rhyme or Reason
5. Do Yourself In
6. Hemmin' & Hawin'
7. Face in the Scene

Austin, TX

Band Members
Joe Lewis - Vocals and Guitar
Michael Brinley - Guitar
Bill Stevenson - Bass
Jason Frey - Sax
Joe Woullard - Sax and Flute
Jordan Cook - Drums

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