Samantha Fish

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Samantha Fish is a prolific songwriter and gifted blues guitarist who has released six albums since her debut in 2009. She's a seasoned performer whose versatile vocal delivery and technical, yet soulful guitar playing has spanned the gamut of roots music: rock n roll, jazz, blues, country and even doo wop. Fish released two albums in 2017 alone, highlighting her deep knowledge of Southern blues and Western country. 

Session Tracklist
1. Cowtown
2. Need You More
3. Don't Say You Love ME
4. Daughters
5. American Dream

New Orleans, LA

Band Members
Samantha Fish - Vocals and Guitar
Phil Breen - Keys
Scott Graves - Drums
Christopher Alexander - Bass and Vocals
Rebecca Crenshaw - Violin, Viola and Vocals
Chris Spies - Saxaphone, Flute and Percussion
Alex Massa - Trumpet, Mandolin, and Percussion

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