Will Phalen

Midwestern singer/songwriter and noted producer, Will Phalen, continues to blaze haunting Americana trails with his 3rd full-length release, Holy Ghost / Gold Coast, a collection of solo recordings that finds Phalen in a folksy trance, momentarily stepping outside the framework of his band, The Stereo Addicts, to explore the mellower callings of his muse.

The albums ten songs were written and recorded during Phalens first months living in Chicago after moving from Milwaukee. Often composed and committed to tape in the course of an evening, the songs are the product of late nights and quiet places with Phalen at work in his tiny one-room studio apartment while neighbors slumbered next door.

Phalen played and sang all the parts on the album including finger-style guitar, banjo, accordion, harmonica, toy keyboards, concert bells, even stylo-phone. These sounds combine with broken drum beats, electronic pulses, and the timbre of household objects to define the record’s sonic palette as the songs call forth the ghosts of lost loves, fading youth, and the birth of a new Midwestern aesthetic; one centered on melody and storytelling colliding with flashes of the surreal and the psychedelic.

Session Tracklist
1. Candy Cane Mountain In My Mind
2. Even Though
3. Suddenly
4. Used To Once Believe
5. Youdontask (Iwontanswer)
6. Morning Will Come
7. See You Coming
8. Holy Ghost/Gold Coast

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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