The Field Auxiliary

The Field Auxiliary is a Chicago-based recording/performance ensemble initiated by the kinetic release of potential energy waveparticles via the limb tips of songer/wrongrighter Dan Smart and collaborators Rob Jensen, Jon Ozaksut, and Josh Kalvelage. Gaining in both gravity and, it follows, orbital rotation since 2008, The Field Auxiliary exhibits, both in performance and on record, a layered and multi-conversational experimental pop music that exists continuously and in tenuous accordance with various hopelessly irreconcilable catechisms.

Session Tracklist
1. Will For Food Split Infinitives
2. A Competent Drummer
3. Calamity City
4. Dead Again (A Word With The Author)
5. Words and Music
6. I'm All Teeth
7. Jon Three Sixteen
8. When Yer Twenty-Two

Chicago, IL

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