Tides of Man

Tides of Man are a progressive indie turned post-rock band. Three guitarists lay down dense, textured noise in every manner of delay, echo, reverb and fuzz on the market. It’s an intensely melodic guitar style that’s heavily driven by a grooving rhythm section. They dominate the stage, crescendoing into massive sound walls with intricate tonal variety. Tides of Man have definitely matured in their songwriting, ditching the 200 BPM guitar solos in favor of a more cohesive sound.

2014’s “Young and Courageous” is the their first venture as an instrumental band. The departure of former lead singer and a break of multiple years shows Tides of Man emerging fully formed with a powerful and intense ‘debut’. The record is an emotional discussion on regaining the passions of youth in light of increased responsibility; it’s an experiment in deepening your foundational loves. Explore the tumultuous, optimistic instrumental record in our studio.

1. Mountain House
2. Parallels
3. We Were Only Dreaming
4. Hold Still
5. Young and Courageous
6. Measure Your Breath (Download Exclusive)

Clearwater, Florida

Band Members
Spencer Gill – Guitar
Daniel Miller – Guitar
Matthew Miller – Guitar
Alan Jaye – Bass
Josh Gould – Drums
Spencer Bradham – Piano

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