Caspian is an instrumental post-rock band. Masters of the pedalboard, they use multiple effects to create a soundscape ranging from a quiet whispering stream to trudging riffs like claps of violent thunder. Obsessed with composition, the band dials in each effect to achieve minute differences in timbre and texture.

The 2012 release, Waking Season, marks an evolution of the Massachusetts rockers’ style; increasingly experiential and organic, they incorporate minimal distorted vocals and a dash of acoustic instrumentation. When post-rock rose to the popular ear in the mid-2000’s, Caspian entered quietly. They now exist as heavyweights, anchoring massive tours all over the world. Take a moment to bask in the vigorous energy of Caspian.

Session Tracklist
1. Some Are White Light
2. Gone In Bloom And Bough
3. Halls Of The Summer
4. Sycamore

Beverly, MA

Band Members:
Philip Jamieson – Guitar, Keys
Erin Burke-Moran – Guitar
Jonny Ashburn – Guitar
Jon McMahan – Bass
Joe Vickers – Drums

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