Caspian (Session #2)



For our friends who live in countries where YouTube is blocked, watch the session on Vimeo.

Session Tracklist
1. Arcs of Command
2. Echo and Abyss
3. Run Dry
4. Fire Made Flesh

Caspian is a heavy post-rock band whose fourth full-length “Dust And Disquiet” showcases the band’s evolved songwriting prowess. They’ve been reinventing their own take on patient, crescendoing, layered rock music since 2005 and “Dust And Disquiet” is the band’s crown jewel. It contains the heaviest tracks Caspian has ever released, as well as their most laid back. They’ve broken the post-rock mold by introducing gripping guttural screams, an acoustic folk ballad, and crooning trumpet within its ten track journey.

The record’s emotional range is startlingly vast; it takes the listener from crippling sadness to riotous anger to energetic joy over the course of an hour. The cover’s simple presentation of seven feathers arranged with tips pointing inward on dusty grey-black wood is crafted to reflect the record’s tonal juxtaposition from searing post-metal to weightless cinematic rock. “Dust and Disquiet” is a fully realized album showing a band re-defining their career not just as songwriters, but as storytellers.

Watch them perform tracks from the new release here on Audiotree Live.

Band Members
Philip Jamieson – Guitar
Jonny Ashburn – Guitar
Erin Burke-Moran – Guitar
Jani Zubkovs – Bass
Joe Vickers – Drums