Jill Andrews

Jill Andrews has been writing songs since 2004. She began her career performing as the Everybodyfields with her friend Sam Quinn until 2009 when they parted ways to pursue solo careers. Andrews has released two LP’s and an EP as a solo artist. Her latest contribution is the slickly produced and effortlessly dynamic, “The War Inside.” It was released in 2015 along with a short film for the record’s lead single “Get Up, Get On”.

Andrews is known for her past work in the folk country realm, and sticks to that core in “The War Inside”. Lyrically it’s optimistic and forward-moving but pitted against mistakes and the inevitability of life stages. Andrews’ breezy vocal work remains the focal point of her solo project; she pits vulnerable, interpersonal dialogue against floating, carefree melodies to create an emotionally destructive sound. Her lightly textured croon is well-balanced against saturated guitar tones and driving, effective drum rhythms.

Watch her perform along with a touring three-piece band here on Audiotree Live.

Session Tracklist
1. Sweet Troubled Man
2. Get Up, Get On
3. I'm Not OK
4. Rust or Gold

Nashville, Tennessee

Band Members
Jill Andrews – Lead Vocals and Acoustic Guitar
Adam Lester – Electric Guitar and Vocals
Julie Melucci – Bass and Vocals

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