Yours Truly

Yours Truly is an emotional pop punk band deeply invested in the very active Australian DIY scene. They write melodic, anthemic songs best recognized in 2000's Warped Tour lineups with an emphasis on deep, challenging, and personal subject matter. 2019's "Afterglow" addresses lead singer Mikaila Delgado's painful childhood medical condition in an honest, vulnerable way; presenting listeners with the task of transforming daily struggles into fuel for self-improvement. Check out the inspiring performance by Yours Truly live at Audiotree.

1. Circles
2. I Can’t Feel
3. High Hopes
4. Delusional Paradise
5. Afterglow

Band Members
Mikaila Delgado - Vocals
Teddie Winder-Haron - Guitar
Lachlan Cronin - Guitar and Vocals
Bradley Cronan - Drums

Sydney, AUS

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