This Providence

Evolution is an extensive process, however the Seattle rock act This Providence have managed to condense this feat into a scant two years with their full-length Who Are You Now? While their 2006 self-titled Fueled By Ramen debut introduced the world to the band’s inventive brand of indie rock, with their latest album they’ve proved how versatile they’ve become from spending the past two years on the road and refining their craft—and they can’t wait to finally show the rest of the world the fruits of their hard-earned labor.

Originally formed in the suburbs of Seattle in 2003 by Australian-born vocalist Daniel Young and guitarist Gavin Phillips, the band’s current lineup also features bassist David Blaise and drummer Andy Horst and is their strongest to date. “It’s like a family, it’s really awesome,” Young says about the band’s current status. “We finally feel like a real band.” In fact these four musicians are probably closer than the average nuclear family when you consider the fact that they spent the last year together holed up in the Pacific Northwest in order to write the songs that would appear on Who Are You Now? “We took a long time off the road before going into the studio because we wanted to write the right record, unique songs with substance and honesty. You can’t rush that,” Young explains, “I think the end result is much stronger because of that.”

Session Tracklist
1. Trouble
2. In or Out
3. Deep End
4. You're Mine
5. Beautiful Rescue

Seattle, WA

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