The Appleseed Collective

Formed in November of 2010 by the coincidental meeting of Andrew and Brandon, The Appleseed Collective got a jump on the scene through endless networking and connections with the underground current of house-shows, DIY Fests, and localist enthusiasts. Sophie Tulip added sweet lows and highs with double bass and vocals, and Vince Russo livened the group with his clackering washboard and raw vocal passion. By the end of December, the band was already headlining at The Blind Pig, and have since shared stages with Steppin In It, The Ragbirds, Cuddle Magic, and Frontier Ruckus. May of 2011 saw the band embark on their debut tour–a ragged edge east coast gypsy caravan of a month which was amazingly successful through the force of sheer moxy. The band proved their DIY ethic could float by spending a week in each city of their tour playing on the street and making connections for the coming weekend’s show. As summer drew to a close, the Appleseed Collective began making waves on the Michigan scene with appearances at Hollerfest and Earthwork’s Harvest Gathering. And in August of 2011 the band welcomed Katie Lee to the stage to complete the current lineup with warm vocals and cutting banjo. Having just completed a successful tour of Florida, the band is ready to release their true debut, Baby to Beast. “This album is about everything we’ve been through, everything that’s come before us,” said Smith. “It’s all about staying true to our roots.”

Session Tracklist
1. Life Is Beautiful
2. Madly Crazy Darlin'
3. Yr Breezy Lil Eyes
4. Lookee For A Reason
5. Evil One
6. Something New (Changes)
7. Psychic Time

Ann Arbor, Michigan

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