Step Rockets

Step Rockets are a dynamic amalgam of reggae, new wave, and classic rock. Their hook-centered melodies are explosive, lively and warm; the musical opposite of the Minnesota tundra from which they are based. Josh Von Mink has a glimmering star quality, commanding the attention of onlookers and nailing in the band’s upbeat sound. Classic 80’s Guitar solos deliver flash to danceable tunes driven by a melodic bass. They’re masters of the sing-along, incorporating anthemic vocal efforts to the fun-loving rock. Step Rockets have kept a low profile since their inception, but with the release “Kisser”, they have big plans for 2014.

Session Tracklisting
1. Twin City Skies
2. Heart Attack Again
3. Kisser
4. Sleep Position
5. Spirits

Minneapolis, MN

Band Members

Josh Von Mink – Vocals, Guitar, and Synth
Brady Lillie – Guitar, Vocals, and Synth
Anthony Schulz – Bass, Keys
Johnny Syn – Drums

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