Morning Parade

It’s a brand new day for Morning Parade, who’ve returned with a bold new full-length (Pure Adulterated Joy), on a new label (So Recordings/Caroline), that finds the band settled into a much tighter and more determined focus than ever before. It turns out that going back to the basics, sprinkled with a generous helping of adversity and change, was the precise formula needed for the alt-rock five-piece’s most accomplished effort to date.

Singer and Guitarist Steve Sparrow notes, “because we had no idea or guarantee of where we were going, it kind of took us back to when we first started making music. We’d had enough of being polished and everyone at a major label trying to make us look shiny and pre-packaged as ‘your next favourite band’. The writing sessions for Pure Adulterated Joy were all about making as much noise as we could and not worrying about the details too much, just having fun and writing for the love with no pressure again.”

Band Members
Steve Sparrow – Vocals / Guitar
Phil Titus – Bass / Vocal
Ben Giddings – Keys / Vocals
Andy Hayes – Drums
Chad Thomas – Guitar

Harlow, United Kingdom

Session Tracklisting
1. Culture Vulture
2. Alienation
3. Reality Dream
4. Car Alarms
5. Love Thy Neighbor

For our friends who live in countries where YouTube is blocked, watch the session on Vimeo.

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