Pepper is a Hawaiian band who currently live in California. They epitomize a dying breed of early 2000’s Warped Tour alumni who wrote punk, reggae and rock influenced music. The signature sound includes upstrokes, Kaleo’s bouncy vocals and carefree lyricism. The band’s true appeal, however, shines through their stage interaction. Virtually siblings, the three men dish licks, lines, and disses while leaping around the stage with full-force.

Pepper has released 6 records since 2000, and have toured with mainstays of the punk scene like Slightly Stoopid, Pennywise and Flogging Molly. Their new record, “Pepper” keeps in line with previous releases but shows the band at its tightest, most transparent to date.

Session Tracklist
1. Fuck Around
2. Love Affair
3. Give It Up
4. No Control
5. Ashes

Band Members

Bret Bollinger – Vocals and Bass
Kaleo Wasserman – Vocals and Guitar
Yesod Williams – Drums

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