Wild Party

Wild Party is a quartet who write swinging indie music with a bite. It’s a head-bobbing, experiential smart-pop fit for summer nights and hazy mornings. It’s a chorus-filled, explosive listen that begs the listener to hear Lincoln Kreifels’ intimately detailed vocal timbre. Standout track, “When I Get Older” is a backhanded, slacker optimist track about hope and lack of maturity. It swaggers like a lazy dancefloor anthem with just enough bouncy percussion and fuzzed out licks to keep the ear teased. Young, fresh, and poised for success, Wild Party is sure to be on playlists of anyone looking for “better-than-radio” pop music.

Session Tracklisting
1. When I Get Older
2. Connect the Dots
3. Chasin' Honey
4. Outright

Band Members
Lincoln Kreifels – Vocals
Lucas Hughes – Guitar
Ethan Kaufmann – Bass
Cary LaScala – Drums

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For our friends who live in countries where YouTube is blocked, watch the session on Vimeo.

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