Family and Friends

Family and Friends are a youthful, vocal-leaning collective. The band is comprised of seven members who share a large bus akin to a travelling circus car. The raucous septet uses two dueling drummers as the pulse of their indie-folk operation. This percussive presence allows for an ever-changing visual experience as the rambunctious stick-wielders often refuse to sit.

As their name implies, Family and Friends love playing, writing, and performing music together. This connectivity is what forms the heart of the group. They’re a young, fresh group of close friends who share a passion and invite listeners to join in.

Session Tracklist
1. Wyoming
2. Rust and Bone
3. My Life, My Love
4. (Untitled)
5. Family & Friends

Band Members
Mike MacDonald – Acoustic guitar/Vocals
Casey Harper – Vocals
JP McKenzie – Electric Guitar
Tuna Fortuna – Bass
Ryan Houchens – Percussion/Vocals
Jandro Rios – Percussion
Will Cobb – Violin

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For our friends who live in countries where YouTube is blocked, watch the session on Vimeo.