Palberta writes quirky, angular indie rock with cheeky song titles and absurd lyrical themes. There's a restlessness baked into the trio's jagged tunes embodied in the act of rotating instruments throughout a performance. Feast your eyes and ears on all 15 tracks from their sardonic, intense Halloween set. 

Session Tracklist
1. Jumping From Lamp To Lamp
2. Sound Of The Beat
3. In My Fame - Jug!
4. Ziddy
5. Surfin' with Berry
6. Roach Goin' Down
7. Big Box Inn
8. Cherry Baby
9. Fake-Out
10. Momentous Space-Up
11. Fuck You
12. Big Time
13. She Feels That Way
14. Gimme Everything You Got Girl
15. I Have Found The Ego

New York City, NY

Band Members
Lily Konigsberg - Vocals, Guitar, Bass and Drums
Nina Ryser - Vocals, Guitar, Bass and Drums
Anina Ivry-Block - Vocals, Guitar, Bass and Drums

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