New Madrid

New Madrid is an Athens, GA based southern rock band. They combine droning, precise tonality with dashes of 60’s experimental and post-rock instrumentation. Favoring the long jam, this noisy four-piece work their massive pedal rig to churn out multi-layered psychedelia.

February release, “Sunswimmer” is a 45-minute, slow-burn that captures the band’s powerfully local sound over just 7 tracks. Recorded with their mentor and confidant, David Barbe, the album is made up of only the tracks New Madrid picked out while using Barbe’s expertise to hone it in. In spite of touring the US, they’ve found a steady community and a solid hometown in Athens, confessing they have no plans to leave.

Session Tracklist
1. Fountains of Gold
2. Sand Mountain
3. Homesick
4. Manners

Athens, GA

Band Members

Phil McGill – Lead Vocals and Guitar
Graham Powers – Guitar and vocals
Ben Hackett – Bass and vocals
Alex Woolley – Drums

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