Oxford & Co. (Acoustic Set)

Sam Stephenson is a Sydney, Australia native formerly of pop group Fisher King. With a gritty yet soothing vocal sound all his own and guitar stylings complements of James Taylor, he forms striking and relevant singer-songwriter tunes. His plucky, bright strumming is pitted against darker subject matter with country undertones.

First single “Love is Gone” is a soulful track whose title hints at failure, but with a snarky good riddance. Strumming that mimics the cadence of a horse and passive whistling make this dusty debut a full on success. “This collection of songs is my emancipation,” says Samuel. “It’s very free and I think that makes it fun to sing and to play – and to listen, too, hopefully.”

Session Tracklist
1. Sinner
2. Twenty Days and Twenty Nights
3. Sparks
4. Inflator
5. Born to Roam

Sydney, Australia

Band Members
Samuel Stephenson – Vocals and Guitar

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