Microwave is an indie punk band. They blend hardcore, emo, and indie rock in a melodic cocktail unmatched by scene contemporaries. Microwave balances frankness with a penchant for wit, allowing personal confessions to make a striking impact. Owning the best of the punk continuum, lead vocalist Nathan Hardy will sing, scream and yelp amidst snarling guitar work. While often tipping into the heavier side of punk, the band shines brightest in soft reservation.

Debut record, “Stovall” is dynamic and emotionally powerful while maintaining a melodic edge. Its somber but optimistic mood is encapsulated by the lyrics “you should have known this day would come/I guess if you’re gonna be stupid, then you gotta be tough.”

Session Tracklist
1. The Fever
2. Stovall
3. Grass Stains
4. Trash Stains
5. Something Right
6. Work it Out

Band Members

Nathan Hardy – Guitar and Vocals
Wesley Swanson – Guitar
Tyler Hill – Bass
Timothy Pittard – Drums

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