Over the Rhine

Over the Rhine is currently celebrating 25 years of music and recording. That’s 25 years of incredible insomnia, 25 years of re-dreaming the world, 25 years of show business – call it what you will. The songwriting team, that sprouted when the voice of Karin Bergquist and the words of Linford Detweiler first got into bed together, has grown deep roots in the shadow of the Ohio River and branched out far beyond. In the last quarter century, Over the Rhine’s music has taken Karin and Linford (and the unpredictable array of musical nightwatchmen, metaphysical house guests and guitar theologians with whom they surround themselves) around North America repeatedly, as well as to Europe for weeks at a time on six different occasions.”

To date they have recorded 12 albums, the most recent of which is a ‘reality Christmas record’ entitled “Blood Oranges in the Snow”. Through these songs, the folk duo details the joyous simplicity of their newly relocated rural Ohio farm.

Session Tracklist
1. Blood Oranges in the Snow
2. First Snowfall
3. Let it Fall
4. I'd Want You
5. If We Make it Through December (Merle Haggard Cover)

Cincinnati, Ohio

Band Members
Linford Detweiler – Piano, Acoustic Guitar and Vocals
Karin Bergquist – Vocals, Guitars and Percussion
Bradley Meinerding – Guitars and Mandolin

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