Mansions is the bedroom brainchild of Christopher Browder and Robin Dove. They’re a rocking three piece whose affinity for fuzz and darkness is filled with an optimistic wit. Bass notes rumble, drums shake, and the ever-present noisy guitar rages through every track they perform. Vocal interplay between Dove and Browder yields a teeth-clenched, underdog feel with just the right amount of fist-raising.

Recent release, Doom Loop, marks a bolder and outright louder version of the band’s introspective complaint-rock. Evolving into a sound more lo-fi and yet altogether larger, Mansions has become the spokesperson for the daily plight of thoughtful Millenials.

Session Tracklist
1. Climbers
2. La Dentista
3. City Don't Care
4. Flowers In My Teeth
5. The Economist
6. Blackest Sky

Seattle, WA

Band Members

Christopher Browder – Vocals, Guitar and Keys
Robin Dove – Vocals and Bass
John Momberg – Drums

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