Rust Belt Lights

Rust Belt Lights is a melodic punk pop five piece hailing from Buffalo, NY. The band’s gruff edge is honed in with pick slides, gang vocals and the occasional scream. Three-part aggressive vocals adds a punch to head bobbing choruses and chunky, guitar coordinated bridgework.

Soon to be released on Adeline Records, “Religion and my Ex” contains the band’s most conflicted, cynical tracks to date. Incorporating themes from both components of the title, they blend a youthful style with mature songwriting and intriguing lyricism. These energetic twenty-somethings are anchored in an unforgiving scene and gliding along with ease.

Session Tracklist
1. Wasted Wishing
2. Old Ghost
3. Home Sweet Home
4. Haters
5. Dead Letters
6. Stay Young or Try Dying

Buffalo, NY

Band Members
Zach Dietsch – Vocals
Tom Mayer – Guitar and Vocals
Pat McAndrew – Guitar and Vocals
Cody K – Bass
Matt – Drums

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