The Pines

The Pines are a post-folk group whose dense, spectre-like tones trudge over a dark foundation. Ghostly melodies and gritty content about loss and loneliness is what sets the band above their contemporaries. Three vocalists sing with distinct cries ranging from croons to talk-rock while keeping harmonies constant. The band thrives best in the gap between acoustic led tunes and gnarly slide guitar, between simple chord structures and empty space.

Recent release, “Dark So Gold” marks a new sense of purpose for the band, focusing on the aesthetic of open plains. The Pines’ sound is distinctly Midwestern and offers comfort in pondering sorrow.

Session Tracklist
1. Cry Cry Crow
2. Circle Around the Sun
3. Don't Let Me Go
4. Pale White Horse
5. He Reached Down

Minneapolis, MN

Band Members:

David Huckfelt – Acoustic Guitar and Lead Vocals
Benson Ramsey – Electric Guitar and Lead Vocals
Alex Ramsey – Keys and Backup Vocals

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