The Parlour Tricks



For our friends who live in countries where YouTube is blocked, watch the session on Vimeo.

Session Tracklist
1. Gone
2. Love Songs
3. Walk in the Park
4. The Storm
5. Requiem

Parlour Tricks are a rock band with a heavy dose of retro soul. Lily leads with strong backups from Morgane and Darah to boost a harmonious vocal effort. The woman-powered trio leads the charge for the band to organically take shape. Angelo Spagnalo’s guitar work is often reserved and subdued but set in a groove, breaking out only to rip an occasional solo. The rhythm section pushes both swaggery, doo-wop and dance-able, indie rock beats for the band to play over.

With the release of their new single, “Requiem” the band has honed in their future/past musical dynamic. Lyrically, the track is tender and heartfelt but cutting. Lily, Morgane, and Darah’s retro dance routine and shiny costuming brings visual appeal to their ever-moving live show. Parlour Tricks are a band with set goals in sync with one another; each component isolated to create a unique brand of melodic rock.

Band Members
Lily Claire – Vocals
Morgane Moulherat – Backup Vocals
Darah Golub – Backup Vocals
Brian Kelsey – Bass
Terry Moore – Drums
Angelo Spagnalo – Guitar

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