HIGHS might be from the frozen Great White North, but their shimmering, beach-goer tunes are nothing of the sort. Doug and Joel’s reverberating, echoing guitar lines bounce and sway over each other like frothy waves. The band sings out snarky duets between Karrie Douglas and supportive vocalists Doug Haynes and Joel Harrower. Their slick brand of alt-pop is buffed up by a percussive undercurrent of rim shots and tribal beats. The HIGHS EP is a strong debut from the young band whose harmonized pop is as large as their capital letters imply.

Session Tracklisting
1. Nomads
2. Still and Still
3. Harvest
4. Mango
5. Summer Dress
6. Gold

Toronto, Canada

Band Members

Karrie Douglas – Keys and Vocals
Doug Haynes – Guitar and Vocals
Joel Harrower – Guitar and Vocals
Kevin Ledlow – Drums
Aaron Harvey – Bass

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