The Tontons

The Tonton’s are a rock band who bounce between soul, indie, and alternative rock. They are lead by Asli Omar’s infectious, striking voice. Her blustery, swirling vocal cadence guides the tone of the group’s retro sound. Tom Nguyen lays down bass thunder to accompany Justin Martinez’s rollicking drum work. Adam Martinez’s colossal guitar noise adds spice to their lively performance. Check out their new record, “Make Out King and Other Stories of Love” and be carried away by the sultry sounds of The Tontons.

Session Tracklist
1. Lonely
2. Pony
3. Magic Hour
4. Lush
5. Kidd Cemetery

Houseton, TX

Band Members

Asli Omar – Vocals
Adam Martinez – Guitar
Justin Martinez – Drums
Tom Nguyen – Bass

Visit the band’s website

For our friends who live in countries where YouTube is blocked, watch the session on Vimeo.


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