Kevin Devine and the Goddamn Band

Kevin Devine has been a driving force of songwriting for seven albums and ten years. Nothing short of a lyrical virtuoso, his mastery over storytelling is unmatched by contemporaries. With help from the Goddamn Band, Kevin creates a sound that is louder and denser than previous releases. Pulsing through each song are southern-fried guitar and gritty fuzz, supported by intricate vocal and instrumental harmonies.

Kevin’s performing prowess and positive demeanor are evidenced by his comfort on stage. Whether discussing music industry hype, the process of songwriting, or black ice; the band’s kind, gentle presence and downright curiosity leaves any subject on the table for investigation.

Session Tracklist
1. Private First Class
2. Little Bulldozer
3. Sick of Words
4. Bubblegum
5. Redbird

Brooklyn, NY

Band Members
Kevin Devine – Vocals and Guitar
Mike Strandberg – Guitar and Vocals
Harrison Hudson – Bass and Vocals
Ben Homola – Drums

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