Caroline Smith

Caroline Smith has stepped away from the Goodnight Sleeps in both name and style, opting for a more soulful direction. Her vocal control is astonishing; ranging from sultry swoons to passionate growls, she executes runs with ease. Sassy background vocalists, Hannah and Ayo, aid in Doo-wop fashion complete with choreographed side-stepping. Swagging bass lines, rim shots, and high hat chomps guide her potent lyricism with a 60’s style organ.

Caroline’s newest record, Half About Being a Woman, deals with empowerment, honest thoughts about relationships and longing for change within them. Her single, Magazine, highlights her clever efforts to empower women by feeling comfortable in the bodies they have been given. Channeling an older sound to create a fresh outlook has raised Caroline Smith and the band to the top of their game.

Session Tracklist
1. The One Thing
2. Bloodstyle
3. Half About Being a Woman
4. Magazine
5. All That I Know
6. Child of Moving On

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Band Members
Caroline Smith- Vocals and Guitar
Arlen Peiffer- Drums
Jesse Schuster- Bass
Charlie Smith – Keys and Synth
Hannah von der Hoff – Backup Vocals
Ayo Awosika – Backup Vocals

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