July Talk

In the great city of Toronto, ON lives the indie/Americana outfit July Talk. This dynamic quintet is led by the collaborative efforts of Peter Dreimanis’ whiskey-soaked growl and Leah Fay’s lush and crisp croon. In each song lives multiple sonnets: soft guitar work, yelping breakdowns and sorrowful ballads. Their live set is huge both in sound and performance; using the crowd’s support as extra fuel but relying on their own soul for energy.

Canada’s growing music scene is spread across miles but deeply connected. From Vancouver to Montreal, bands lean on a competitive cycle of support and admiration regardless of genre or goal. July Talk works tirelessly to put out their most honest content, deriving creativity from disparity. Preferring to be filmed only in Black and White, the band respects the uniqueness drawn from the visual dichotomy. From vocals to riff-driven, often atmospheric guitar work, July Talk pays homage to sounds of the past while remaining decisively modern and in the present.

Session Tracklist
1. Garden
2. Guns + Ammunition
3. Summer Dress
4. Headsick
5. Let Her Know
6. I've Rationed Well
7. Paper Girl

Toronto, Ontario

Band Members

Peter Dreimanis – Guitar and Vocals
Leah Fay – Vocals
Josh Warburton – Bass
Ian Docherty – Guitar and Keys
Danny Miles – Drums

For our friends who live in countries where YouTube is blocked, watch the session on Vimeo.