Naive Thieves

Naive Thieves is an indie rock band from Riverside, CA whose dreamy island music is honest and un-moving. Their delicate guitars swagger out yellowish tones and swanky riffs. Cameron Thorne’s calculated vocals are steady and unwavering, groomed almost as well as the man himself. With nods to lo-fi surf rock and rockabilly (check the character’s outfit on Le Sheik Rhat), Naive Thieves manage to sound authentically retro without the usual baggage.

Every member of the band is a superb instrumentalist; each cymbal clack and bass drone has a purpose, a role in cutting a path the song’s traveling. The trade in distracting distortion, constant cymbal ringing, and ugly amps for fresh and ornate instrumental work across the board. Their live show is a calculated rock affair, dialing in each subtle tonality and delivering a lively, dance-worthy set. Thieves’ debut full-length, “Vamanos”, drops April 29th and is sure to contain their best work yet.

Session Tracklist
1. Anxiété
2. Shake Down Town
3. Wake Up Now
4. Hawaii (I Don't Want To Go)
5. Sold Short
6. You're No Good
7. Tragic & Magic

Riverside, CA

Band Members
Cameron Thorne – Lead Vocals and Guitar
Levi Audette – Guitar
Kyle Garcia – Vocals and Bass
Ian Maloney – Vocals and Drums

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