Prawn is a 90’s inspired, indie/post-rock band from Bergen County, NJ. Their approachable vocal efforts and raging guitar intricacies set them above contemporaries in the scene. Poster men of the burgeoning crew at Topshelf Records, they’ve steadily made a name for themselves since their formation in 2007. Touring with label mates and friends helps the hustle drag less on the hard-working band.

Splits with Joie De Vivre, Droughts, Kittyhawk and Frameworks is a clear representation of their love for creating with people they trust. Their angular, dynamic sound is mastered by the genius of Greg Dunn, known best for his work as Moving Mountains’ front man. As a self-managed unit, Prawn has released much of their discography for free download. Adopting this DIY spirit makes the band unafraid to play venues of any size; from bustling clubs to dark basements.

Session Tracklist
1. Why You Always Leave a Note
2. " "
3. Breakers
4. Grass and Bones
5. Slaying a Paper Tiger
6. Donald Domesky

Bergen County, NJ

Band Members:
Tony Clark – Guitar and Vocals
Kyle Burns – Guitar and Vocals
Bekim Hida – Bass
Ryan McKenna – Guitar and Aux
Jamie Houghton – Drums

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For our friends who live in countries where YouTube is blocked, watch the session on Vimeo.