Ha Ha Tonka

With a few noisy guitars, ringing amp sounds, and a Midwestern drawl, Ha Ha Tonka grabs at folk rock by the fistful. Foot-stomping Americana hits with rock flare help the band contend in an age where folk rock and mainstream are friendly compatriots. With influences from bluegrass to classic rock, they shine most in their modernization of traditional styles. The Missouri five-piece balances intimate, singer-songwriter ballads with effected tones large enough to fill a cathedral.

Lyrically, the band owns a “dark view of the realities of socio-economic hardship, backwoods prejudices and drug abuse, leavened by wry humor and a deep appreciation for regional storytelling traditions.” With aid from Bloodshot records in Chicago, IL, Ha Ha Tonka will continue to spread their Ozark ear worm rock across the US.

Session Tracklist
1. Dead to the World
2. Rewrite Our Lives
3. Arabella
4. Past Has Arms
5. Lessons

West Plains, MO

Band Members
Brian Roberts – Vocals and Guitar
Brett Anderson – Guitar, Mandolin, and Vocals
Lennon Boone – Synth, Drums, and Vocals
Lucas Long – Bass and Vocals
James Cleare – Keys and Guitar

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